The Bright Brain Centre is a neurotherapy practice located in Central London specialised in EEG-based assessment of brain function and enhancement of brain functionality through evidence-based neuroscientific methods. Founded in 2016 by Nadia Hristova, the centre is currently the only place in London where you can improve your brain health and functionality, through a combination of individually tailored neurofeedback and non-invasive brain stimulation. All sessions on our premises are planned, delivered and evaluated by a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professional.


Our work is based on the understanding that human emotional and cognitive states are represented by specific neural activation patterns in the brain. These activation patterns vary from individual to individual and depend on multiple factors, such as genetic makeup, the presence or absence of congenital abnormality or trauma, life history, age and nutrition and lifestyle. For instance, in the brain of a neurotypical person without history of a brain injury or trauma, who reports good levels of well-being and is able to efficiently regulate their emotions, we would find a strong connection between the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala and a healthy activated Anterior Cingulate Cortex. In contrast, in the brain of a person with a history of trauma or genetic vulnerability, who struggle to regulate their emotions, we would frequently detect an over-active limbic system, an under-active prefrontal cortex, or disrupted connectivity between both brain structures. During your EEG-based brain assessment, we look for the presence of such aberrant brain activation patterns and once we have identified them, we design a personalised neurotherapy program aiming to change them. Your program is designed around you, considering your goals, strengths, sensitivities, history and most importantly your unique brain activation patterns. We deliver your program using a selected range of cutting edge, certified scientific and brain wellness equipment.


I. Getting in touch – Initial Consultation – You can contact us to discuss whether our programs are suitable for your goals and needs, or to book a brain assessment appointment

II. The qEEG Brain Assessment – During your brain assessment, we perform an EEG recording (a safe and non-invasive method for looking into the cortical processing) and complete EEG and qEEG analysis and then discuss the results with you and suggest the next steps.

III. The Program – You engage in regular neurotherapy sessions and, where appropriate, receive a suitable gadget to use at home to help you maintain the effect of the sessions. Your progress is regularly assessed and your program adjusted to match your changing needs


Neurotherapy is not a panacea. In most cases improvement in our cognitive, emotional and body health can be achieved only via multiple life style changes and therapeutic interventions and with the help of multiple professionals. We affiliate with leading local health professionals specialising in neurology, neurorehabilitation, nutrition, nucca therapy, osteopathy and speech and language therapy to ensure that you have access to specialist knowledge that would be beneficial in the process of your neurotherapy sessions with us.

To find out whether we can help, or to book a brain assessment, call us on 075 26968907, email us at info [at], or get in touch via the form below.