The Bright Brain Centre is a neurotherapy practice located in Central London specialised in EEG-based assessment of brain function and enhancement of brain functionality through evidence-based neuroscientific methods.

Founded in 2016 by Nadia Hristova, the centre is currently the only place in London where you can receive a unique blend of neurofeedback training and non-invasive brain stimulation tailored to your specific brain profile and delivered by a committed, knowledgeable and experienced professional. Our work is based on the understanding that subjectively experienced emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour are represented by specific patterns of neural activation in the brain. Similarly, persistent states of low mood and motivation, anger, anxiety and chronic pain, and long-term difficulties with memory, attention and learning or social interaction have distinct electrophysiological “signatures” in our brain. Once we have identified these signatures in an individual’s brain, we facilitate their change with the help of  brain computer interface (BCI) learning methods, such as neurofeedback and/or with non-invasive brain stimulation. The results are improved brain health, well-being and performance. We acknowledge that no two brains are the same which is why the each and every neurotherapy programme we deliver is meticulously personalised. The range of cutting edge software and equipment we use, gives us the freedom to choose the most suitable options for each individual at any given time.

Neurotherapy is not a panacea. In most cases improvement in our cognitive, emotional and body health can be achieved only via multiple therapeutic interventions and with the help of multiple professionals. We affiliate with leading local health professionals specialising in neurology, neurorehabilitation, nutrition, nucca therapy, osteopathy and speech and language therapy to ensure that you have access to specialist knowledge that would be beneficial in the process of your neurotherapy sessions with us.

To find out whether we can help, or to book a brain assessment, call us on 075 26968907, email us on info [at] brightbraincentre [dot] co [dot] uk or get in touch via the form below.