What happens during the assessment?

The qEEG brain assessment gives us an opportunity to meet in person, to obtain a recording of your brain activity, to analyse and review this activity in relation to your symptoms and goals, to identify whether we can help you, and to outline the best way to do it. The qEEG brain assessment is an essential first step of creating your personalised brain training and neuro stimulation programme. Please, note that we do not attempt to diagnose brain conditions, we only provide interpretation of EEG and qEEG findings in the light of your symptoms and suggest possible applied neuroscientific solutions.

How long does the brain assessment session last?

The qEEG brain assessment usually takes around 60 to 90 minutes. This involves the set up, the EEG recording and analysis and discussion of the results. In some cases, a separate session for discussion of results might be suggested when appropriate.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my brain assessment?

  • Please do  not consume alcohol/recreational drugs 24 hours before the assessment, and please restrict your caffeine intake on the day of assessment
  • Please, notify us of all medication/drugs you take ahead of the assessment
  • Please, arrive for your assessment with dry and clean hair, with a minimum of hair products (gels and conditioners) to ensure the best contact for the EEG sensors.
  • Please, allow sufficient time to arrive for your appointment without getting stressed

What is the waiting time for an assessment appointment?

Usually we’ll be able to offer you an assessment slot within one to two weeks from the time of your enquiry

Is the information from my intake questionnaire and my electrophysiological data kept confidential?

We guarantee full confidentiality of all information gathered in the process of assessment and training. The electrophysiolgical data and training protocols are coded and kept on a password protected computer.