The Bright Brain Centre is a specialised practice located in Central London providing evidence-based, applied neuroscience solutions for brain and PNS health. Founded in 2016 by Nadia Hristova, the centre is currently the only place in London offering precise psycho-physiological assessments and bespoke neuro-programmes created to enhance brain function and promote well-being. Using personalised combination of peripheral biofeedback, brain-computer interface techniques, such as neurofeedback, and a number of cutting edge non-invasive brain stimulation methods, we support brain, mind and body in restoring, achieving and maintaining a healthy homeostasis. All sessions on our premises are planned, delivered and evaluated with greatest care by qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

We are happy to share that at the beginning of June 2020, we launched successfully our remote neuro-sessions programmes. This new service provides safe access to almost all of our services from your home. All neuro-sessions are directly supervised and conducted by us, remotely.


Our work is based on the understanding that our perceptions, our everyday experiences, our mental states and behaviours are represented by distinct neural activation patterns in the brain and the body. These activation patterns vary significantly from individual to individual and throughout life time and depend on multiple genetic, maturational and environmental factors. For instance, in the brain of a neurotypical person without history of a brain injury or trauma, who reports good levels of well-being and is able to efficiently regulate their emotions, we would find a stable connection between the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala a flexibly activated Anterior Cingulate Cortex, a healthy vagal tone and increased heart rate variability. In contrast, in the brain and the body of a person with a history of trauma or brain injury, or presenting with genetic vulnerability, who struggle to regulate their emotions and feel frequently overwhelmed or demotivated or fatigued, we would typically detect an over-active limbic system, an under-active prefrontal cortex and disrupted connectivity between both brain structures, along with an over-active sympathetic nervous system,  reduced heart rate variability and low vagal tone.

These physiological activation patterns accompanying various mental states, can be measured and analysed with the help of neuro-scientific techniques, such as electroencephalography (EEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), pupilo-metry, electrocardiography (ECG) and electro-dermal response recordings. Fortunately, recent advances in applied neuroscience have enabled us to turn the same techniques we use to measure our psycho-physiology, into tools that can help us change it for better. In our clinic we assess the physiology underlying our mental states with the help of EEG (electoencephalography), HRV (heart rate variability), SCR (skin conductance response) and EMG (muscle discharges/tension) and we use these methods and the information they provide to  train the brain and body to function in a healthier and more efficient way.  To help the brain learn, obtain more energy and create new connections, we also utilize a range of neuro-modulatory techniques, such as transcranial electric stimulation (tES), weak pulsed electromagnetic field (pEMF) stimulation and photo-bio-modulation.


I. Getting in touch – Initial Consultation – You can contact us to discuss whether our programs are suitable for your goals and needs, or to book a brain and PNS assessment appointment. This initial consultation is offered via phone or over the net and it is free of charge.

II. The Psychophysiology (Brain and PNS Function) Assessment – During your EEG and PNS assessment, we record and analyse your oscillatory brain activity and your heart rate and skin conductance response under different conditions; at rest, while performing a cognitive task or while under emotional stress and look for the presence of any aberrant brain and body activation patterns related to the symptoms you may experience. Upon completion of the assessment and the biometric data analysis, we discuss the results with you and suggest meaningful next steps.

III. The Personalised Neuro-program – Based on the results of your EEG analysis and peripheral physiology tests and on your goals, we design a personalised neurotherapy program to assist you in improving your brain performance and well-being. This neuro-program is designed around you, considering your goals, strengths, sensitivities, history and, most importantly, your unique brain profile. We deliver your program using a selected range of FDA approved scientific software and brain wellness equipment. Over the course of several months you will engage in regular neurotherapy sessions delivered at our premises and will also receive a suitable neuro-gadget to use at home to support  and maintain the effect of the sessions. Your progress will be regularly assessed and your program will be adjusted to match your brain’s changing needs

NEW! Part of our programmes are now being delivered remotely

Email us to enquire, if you are interested in receiving neuro-sessions at your home.


While neuro-therapy is an approach to brain health with a proven track record of success, it shall not be seen as a single solution to all ailments. In most cases improvement in our cognitive, emotional and body health can be achieved by combining multiple life style changes and various therapeutic interventions. With this in mind, we have established and continue to develop an expanding network of trusted local health professionals specialising in psychotherapy, neurology, neurorehabilitation, nutrition and osteopathy to provide you with access to a high quality overall specialist support, while undergoing neurotherapy sessions with us.

To find out whether we can help, or to book a brain assessment, call us on 075 26968907, email us at, or get in touch via the form below.