ADHD and Concentration Difficulties

I have struggled with ADHD and anxiety throughout my life. Despite a successful academic and professional career, I had spent a vast amount of time trying to organise myself, to bring myself to focus on the not that exciting bits of my work and to manage to complete the required tasks on time… or at all. At the age of 44, having tried all available options to help my ADHD symptoms, I felt that I no longer had the energy and the motivation to continue the quest for a solution… At that time, I accidentally came across an article about neurofeedback and got in touch with Nadia. After the initial assessment, Nadia suggested a combination between neurofeedback, HEG biofeedback and pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation and I decided to follow her recommendation. After the first 6-7 sessions, I noticed my anxiety lifting up and my obsessive thoughts diminishing. After further 10 sessions, my sleep improved reliably and so did my ability to organise my days. My productivity increased and I was able to complete tasks, which I would previously linger over for a week, within a day! Working with Nadia was a fantastic experience, I feel that I benefited immensely from her competence, attention to detail and her creativity in combining different neuromodulation methods.

J.S. London