Bright Brain Centre Becomes a DANA Foundation Partner in the International Brain Awareness Week

The Bright Brain Centre London became a UK partner in the Brain Awareness Week 2017!

UPDATE! We have been overwhelmed with registrations for individual consultations, brain mapping and tester sessions and cannot take in any more requests! Thank you all for your interest, we will try to organise another Brain Day in the near future. 🙂

On 16th of March 2017 the Bright Brain Centre will hold an Open Afternoon showing our work and demonstrating the applied neuroscientific methods we use to promote brain health and improve cognition and well-being. Come and get your brain mapped, fly a spaceship or plant flowers with the power of your brain during a tester neurofeedback session! All activities will be free of charge.

The event is free, however advanced booking is required. To reserve a place, email info [at]