Is the training safe?

Yes, neurofeedback  is a 100% safe, painless and non-invasive training method, which allows the brain to reorganise itself in a gentle and natural manner. Some mild side effects, such as temporary light tiredness, have been observed but they are transient and usually fade away within a few sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of training sessions needed varies depending on many individual factors, such as symptom severity, premorbid history, age, training commitment and engagement, life-style and nutrition. We recommend as an absolute minimum a starter course of 20 sessions.

Here are some rough estimates about the duration of treatment:

An ADHD case would take around 20-40 sessions over three to six months.
Cases of depression and anxiety depend on the duration of the symptoms and could be anything between six to 12 months.
Severe autistic spectrum disorder would involve over 100 sessions over a couple of years.
Cases of brain damage and global development delay take approximately 2-4 years and between 150 – 200 sessions.
However, right from the first few weeks of treatment, clients (and parents, teachers and friends) generally begin to notice positive differences as the brain changes.

How frequently do I need to come in for training?

In our experience, frequency and regularity of the training sessions are critical for training success. Individual programs differ but generally programs start with a two-week intensive (one-hour once or twice daily on weekdays), followed by bi-weekly or weekly sessions until the dysregulation is corrected and reliable symptom improvement is achieved. 

In some cases, due to practical limitations, i.e. work or school commitments, people are not able to follow the suggested pattern, and are able come for training once or twice a week only.  Although we are able to work with such schedule, it is suboptimal and the resulting changes are often slower and more subtle.

How long does a training session last?

The length of an individual training session varies from 45-50 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the individual needs of each client. Most people achieve good results with 45-55-minute-long sessions, however, 90 minutes are more appropriate when combining neurofeedback with non-invasive stimulation.

When will I notice a change in my symptoms?

Most people notice subtle changes within the first 6-8 sessions, however due to the nature of the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the training process and the individual variability in response, the training effects often become clearly noticeable towards the end of the starter course.

I want to start sessions but I am planning a holiday in a month time. Would it be still ok to start now?

Regular attendance and engagement are necessary conditions for the neurofeedback training method to produce the desired results. We recommend completing a minimum of 10 consecutive training sessions before taking a break.

Do I need to make any changes in my lifestyle for the length of the training period?

Whilst certain lifestyles support brain functionality better than others, we are aware that quick life style changes are not always possible. Generally, the following may support your brain and body during the course of your neurotherapy sessions:

  • good sleep hygiene
  • regular exercise
  • adequate and healthy nutrition and supplementation
  • cranial ostheopathy sessions
  • strong familial/social support network
  • psychological support where needed

You can find some suggestions here.

Do I need to change my diet for the period of training?

The neurofeedback training triggers changes in your brain and body, requiring an extra amount of energy to complete and sustain. We recommend supplementing your diet with Omega 3 oils and B vitamins to support the process of neural rewiring. Alcohol and Drugs promote toxicity and their use is therefore contraindicated. More on our diet suggestions here.