Happy Stories Synch Brain Activity More and Bring People Closer Than Sad Stories

Sharing stories bring people closer, and more so when these stories are happy. In a recent study, conducted in the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Mental Health and Psychological Crisis Intervention, participants listened to a story-teller sharing positive stories (triggering feelings of happinness) and negative stories (inducing feelings of sadness). Subsequently, participants showed better story recall, and indicated feeling closer to the story-teller when they had listened to a happy story. Interestingly, this subjective perception of closeness, following the shared happy stories, had objective electro-physiological correlates; the listeners’ EEG activity synchronised to a larger extent with the EEG activity of the story-teller while he was telling a happy story.

Original article: Sharing happy stories increases interpersonal closeness: Interpersonal brain synchronization as a neural indicatorEnhui Xie, Qing Yin, Keshuang Li, Samuel A. Nastase, Ruqian Zhang, Ning Wang, Xianchun LieNeuro 8 November 2021, ENEURO.0245-21.2021; DOI: 10.1523/ENEURO.0245-21.2021

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