Humans aren’t designed to be constantly happy – so stop trying

human-happiness-neuroscience-public.jpg“A huge happiness and positive thinking industry, estimated to be worth $11bln a year, has helped to create the fantasy that happiness is a realistic goal. Chasing the happiness dream is a very American concept, exported to the rest of the world through popular culture. Indeed, “the pursuit of happiness” is one of the US’s “unalienable rights”. Unfortunately, this has helped to create an expectation that real life stubbornly refuses to deliver…”

The excerpt above stems from an article published in the online scientific writing space Rafael Euba, the autor of the article, who is a consultant and senior lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry at King’s College London, explains why a permanent state of happiness would not be evolutionary advantageous and why humans are not hard-wired to be constantly happy. Link to the full article here