Intelligence as a Function of Neural Network Switch Efficiency

“A new study recently published in the journal Cerebral Cortex suggests that the higher a person’s intelligence score, the easier it is for them to switch between resting state and different task states. This ability is based on certain neuronal networks and their communication structures. “The functional brain network architecture of individuals with higher test intelligence scores during resting state is more similar to the architecture as required for various cognitive tasks,” says Dr. Kirsten Hilger.

“Intelligence is a phenomenon of the whole brain adapting to different requirements,” Hilger says. The more intelligent an individual, the better their brain’s network architecture is suited to perform various cognitive tasks.”

Source: Medical Express

Original Article in Cerebral Cortex: Jonas A Thiele, Joshua Faskowitz, Olaf Sporns, Kirsten Hilger, Multitask Brain Network Reconfiguration Is Inversely Associated with Human Intelligence, Cerebral Cortex, 2022;, bhab473,