The umbrella term Non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) methods refers to brain stimulation techniques that do not involve surgical intervention and yet are powerful enough to modulate human brain activity and affect neural signalling pathways.

Such techniques are transcranial electric stimulation (tES), with direct (tDCS) or alternating (tACS) current, photo-bio-modulation, audio-visual and haptic stimulation. The NIBS methods have been gaining great popularity in the research and therapeutics of mood and cognition and in the field of performance enhancement and longevity. 

The non-invasive brain stimulation we offer at the Bright Brain Centre, is guided by careful analysis of each individual’s EEG/LORETA and PNS psycho-physiological profile, in conjunction of their symptoms, sensitivities and history. This can be received while on task, as a standalone treatment, or in combination with neurofeedback brain training. To model/predict current flow within the brain, where fMRI images are available, we may utilize the SIMBS algorithm.