The research on the use and effectiveness of various neurostimulation methods over the past 10 years lead to the development of the Neurofeedback Plus approach, which combines non-invasive neural stimulation methods such as tDCS, tACS, tRNS and pEMF with neurofeedback training to facilitate brain changes and improve training progress.

In contrast to the classical neurofeedback training method, in which the software awaits passively for favourable brain oscillations to occur spontaneously in order to reward them and encourage their recurrence, the Neurofeedback Plus method pioneered by Dr Nick Dogris, the clinician guides gently the brain into a favourable state with the help of non-invasive brain stimulation, helping it to achieve a reward, and and then gives the sensory feedback signal. The non-invasive brain stimulation helps the brain to reach a desired state faster and more reliably and prepares it best for learning through neurofeedback.

The Neurofeedback Plus approach is particularly powerful in cases when deeply entrenched dysfunctional brain patterns are proving challenging to train away, in cases of slow learning, where training progress is not satisfactory, or in cases of intensive training, where fast and seamless brain changes are sought.