Our Brains Synchronize During Conversation

The rhythms of brainwaves between two people taking part in a conversation begin to match each other. This is the conclusion of a study published in Scientific Reports, led by the Basque research centre BCBL.

According to scientists, this interbrain synchrony may be a key factor in understanding language and interpersonal communication.The team, led by Alejandro Pérez, Manuel Carreiras and Jon Andoni Duñabeitia, has confirmed by recording cerebral electrical activity- that the neuronal activity of two people involved in an act of communication “synchronise” in order to allow for a “connection” between both subjects.

“It involves interbrain communion that goes beyond language itself and may constitute a key factor in interpersonal relations and the understanding of language,” Jon Andoni Duñabeitia explains to SINC.

Source: FECYT  and NeuroscienceNews.com
Image Source:  image is in the public domain.
Original Research: Full open access research for “Brain-to-brain entrainment: EEG interbrain synchronization while speaking and listening” by Alejandro Pérez, Manuel Carreiras & Jon Andoni Duñabeitia in Scientific Reports. Published online June 23 2017 doi:10.1038/s41598-017-04464-4