Pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation (pEMF) is a safe, non-invasive brain stimulation technique, which involves the application of weak electromagnetic fields oscillating at selected frequencies over the head or/and body to restore brain and body function. Among the multiple well-documented health benefits from pEMF treatment are inflammation reduction, brain fog reduction, calming of over-active or over-stimulated brains, bone healing, improved cellular blood supply and mood lifting.

At Bright Brain Centre London we use NeuroField X3000 – fully programmable four-channel frequency generator of a highest standard, capable of generating pEMF frequencies from 0.31-300,000 Hz to address specific brain and body deficiencies. The pEMF output intensity ranges from 1-40 microtesla. The X3000 connects to four 200 wind coils that can be placed on the head and/or on the body.