During your qEEG assessment, we produce and share with you your brain mapsThe brain maps are 2-D representations of the amount and spatial distribution of your brain’s electrical power, as measured on the scalp, without and with a reference to a normative database of high-performing individuals. The maps also illustrate how well different brain areas are connected and how efficiently they are able to communicate with each other.

In the course of your neurofeedback training, we regularly re-assess your brain function and produce multiple sets of brain maps, which we then compare to track your progress and to adjust your personalised training plan.

Below you can see an example of brain maps obtained before and after a starter course of 20 neurofeedback and neurofeedback-plus training sessions reflecting normalisation of mood, information processing and arousal.

surface brain maps before and after neurofeedback training

More information on how to interpret your 2-D surface brain maps can be found here. More detailed explanation is provided during your qEEG brain assessment.

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