Adult Neurogenesis- Adult-born neurons grow larger than and are morphologically different from their infancy-born counterparts

Picture from: Adult Neurogenesis, Mental Health, and Mental Illness: Hope or Hype?
Amelia J. Eisch, Heather A. Cameron, Juan M. Encinas, Leslie A. Meltzer, Guo-Li Ming, Linda S. Overstreet-Wadiche
Journal of Neuroscience 12 November 2008, 28 (46) 11785-11791; DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3798-08.2008

Summary: Neurons created as a result of adult neurogenesis mature for longer and grow larger than those created during infancy. Findings suggest adult-born neurons may have a more powerful function than those created during infancy and may play a critical role in neuroplasticity.

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Original Research: Closed access
“Adult-Born Hippocampal Neurons Undergo Extended Development and Are Morphologically Distinct From Neonatally-Born Neurons”. by John Darby Cole, Delane Espinueva, Désirée R. Seib, Alyssa M. Ash, Matthew B. Cooke, Shaina P. Cahill, Timothy O’Leary, Sharon S. Kwan and Jason S. Snyder.
npj Science of Food doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1665-19.2020