Initial consultation via skype or phone– an opportunity to answer all your initial questions regarding the brain assessment procedure and to discuss its appropriateness in your individual circumstances – free of charge

QEEG LORETA brain assessment, based on 20 channel EEG recording at rest and on task, including raw EEG analysis, qEEG analysis, multiple scientific normative database comparisons, verbal feedback and suggestion of a personalised training programme- £350; Detailed written report can be provided for an additional fee.

QEEG LORETA brain assessment and PNS (HR, HRV, SCR, Temperature) stress response test £400

Swingle EEG Assessment– 5 point 1 channel measurement following the assessment procedure of Dr Paul Swingle – £140

Starter course of 20 neurofeedback or non-invasive brain stimulation sessions purchased as a package- £2500 (£125 a session)

Individual 60 minutes long top-up neurofeedback or brain stimulation session on a “pay -as-you-go” basis – £140 or £120, respectively.

Individual 90 minutes long neurofeedback and brain stimulation session on a “pay-as-you-go” basis  £160 

Starter course of 10 combined 90 minutes long neurofeedback and brain stimulation sessions – £1800  (£180 a session)

Intensive training week(s) for overseas clients– please, contact us to request more information on prices