Integrated Listening Systems

Many of our young clients who are on the autistic spectrum, or have sensory hyper-sensitivities, developmental delay, or auditory processing disorder, Dyslexia or ADHD, have benefited greatly from the use of the Integrated Listening Systems (iLS) devices complementary to their neurofeedback and neuromodulation sessions. ILS provide input to the brain via auditory and bone conduction stimulation. This gentle multi-sensory stimulation activates sensory information processing pathways in the brain and improves  the brain’s ability to organise and deal successfully with new information.

Here is a link to the Integrated Listening Systems website, where you can find a very thorough and readable explanation on how iLS influences neurodevelopment,  sensorimotor integration, social interaction and learning speed.

Nadia Hristova at the Bright Brain Centre London is a licensed iLS provider and can be contacted with iLS-enquiries, including the iLS home rental program.