The Cognitive Benefits of Psychedelics

Summary: Researchers are investigating the benefits of psychedelics on cognition from memory malleability to cognitive creativity.

Source: Cognitive Neuroscience Society

The synthesis of LSD and psilocybin in the early to mid-20th century sparked not only a new counterculture in the United States but also a new interest in brain science, specifically the role of neurotransmitters.

Despite these discoveries, research on psychedelics went dormant for decades due to anti-drug sentiment. A recent renaissance in psychedelic research seeks to understand how these drugs might be leveraged as tools in treating mental illness.

While this work has focused largely on mathematical modeling and resting-state neuroimaging, that is now shifting: Cognitive neuroscientists are bringing new rigor to the field, using behavioral and clinical studies to investigate the cognitive effects of psychedelic drugs.

Source: Neuroscience News

The Cognitive Benefits of Psychedelics