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I wish everyone could experience the life changing, brain altering benefits that Nadia delivers with such care and compassion at her Bright Brain Centre. Over the years I have tried almost everything to tackle anxiety, depression and sleep issues…’ Read the full account here

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I had had several incidents throughout my life which contributed to my condition.  I tried other treatments; some which did more harm than good, and others which helped but were very distressing. I then heard about ‘Neurofeedback.’  I spoke to my consultant psychiatrist (a very eminent professor and expert in PTSD) who endorsed the treatment. I was then lucky enough to find….’ Read the full account here 

‘I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2009 at the age of 47. Last year, either as the result of the progression of symptoms or possibly due to the medication I was taking at the time, I began to suffer from low mood and anxiety attacks. I was constantly anxious and finding myself withdrawing from friends and family as, in addition to the anxiety, I was also experiencing a degree of brain fog which was making communication quite difficult at times….’ Read the full account here

‘Nadia and the work she does has changed the lives of our entire family for the better. We came to Nadia with one child who…’ Read the full account here

‘ We contacted the Bright Brain Centre London looking for help for our son who has Autism. Before completing a course of neurotherapy with Nadia, he showed hardly any interest in others…’ Read the full account here

I have struggled with ADHD and anxiety throughout my life. Despite a successful academic and corporate career, I had spent a vast amount of time trying to organise myself, to bring myself to focus on the not that exciting bits of my work and to manage to complete the required tasks on time…or at all. At 44 and having explored all available options to help my ADHD symptoms, I had reached the point when I no longer had the energy and the motivation to continue to search for solution… At that time I came across an article about neurofeedback and got in touch with Nadia….’ Read the full account here

Nadia has had great success treating my CFS and chronic pain. I have tried many treatments over the past 8 years however the personalised treatment I received with neurostimulation and neurofeedback has been the most effective at providing long lasting positive results. E.B. London

I would highly recommend Nadia and the work she does. I started working with her to address an issue I had with overthinking, worrying and anxiousness which I have always felt held me back from achieving what I am capable of. The experience of working with Nadia was very enjoyable. I learnt a huge about about my brain and neuroscience. The most important thing is that she has got rid of all of my symptoms. I can’t explain how much of a relief it is to have got rid of them. I have tried so many different approaches in the past but nadia has been the only one to have succeeded. I will be forwever grateful for the work that she has done and I’d highly recommend you have an exploratory sessions to see what might be achieved….   Ruth, London